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Did you know?

Did you know that GD Vibes not only offer a wide range of treatments, we also provide additional skincare and supplements.


Check out products from Tropic Skincare that are organic and vegan friendly, yet simple. 

These are used in the Salon and you can also purchase from me directly.  Why not ask for a brochure or even a borrow bag to try before you buy?!

You can also click on the link below to access the range and its benefits:-


I sample and provide a wide range of supplements to help with an array of health conditions, but today I want to talk about the holy trinity “earth, water and air”

Earth - (Fulvic & Humic Acid) 

Can be used as masks, foot soak and in a bath. It’s not really an acid, it's extremely alkaline and contains a small but potent collection of acids and trace minerals, which are important for basic bodily functions. Great for detoxing the body. 

Water - (Hydrogen water tablets) 

Will enrich water with molecular hydrogen, promoting improved energy levels and supporting overall health on a cellular level. Great for keeping you stay hydrated and reducing oxidative stress.

Air - (C60)

Can be used internally and externally. Has incredible antioxidant and health boosting benefits; The production of 4 of our antioxidants - glutathione, catalase, COQ10 and Superoxide Dismutase decrease as we age and due to environmental toxins, and stress, our ability to combat health harming free radicals tends to become saturated and then these free radicals, which are normally dealt with by the body, are free to cause harm and premature aging.

By providing an incredibly powerful and non toxic antioxidant such as C60, our natural in-built detoxing capability can be enhanced.; Resulting in boosting immunity. 

In clinical studies it is shown to reduce wrinkles, aid in weigh loss and protect against UV damage. It may also help to balance hormones, increasing testosterone in men, Oestrogen in women and stimulate pregnenolone production, the precursor molecule to all hormones. Also great for energy, mental clarity and libido; and who doesn’t want that!

In Summary

I am particularly interested in C60 as I have been searching for a hormone stabiliser for my clients who suffer with a variety of symptoms from this, although it does so much more.

And whilst I have been using Fulvic / Humic acid regularly for years, and this has often been my first option for clients who are suffering from many ailments. I am pleased that I now have additional supplements to match and that synchronistically work alongside, that can help to further boost health.  

As for Hydrogen Water, I have recently been trialling it, and not only does it help make the water taste more refreshing you can feel an instant lift. The tablets also make it really easy to use on the go. I would recommend taking first thing in the morning and start as you mean to go on. 

For further info or to order please DM Vikki on 07538 421549. You can also order on the links below:-

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