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Even the Divine Feminine needs a boost!

As we enter into March, there is a aura of the divine feminine in the air…

With International Woman’s Day this week, and Mothers Day around the corner, we really are appreciating the female for all its strength and nurturing qualities.

And it is so important to nurture ourselves…

This week I have seen a rise in new clients wanting to book in for some self care, and the top choice has been a Hot Rock Massage with the use of Cold Jade Crystal Tools.

This has always been my most popular massage. The benefits of the heat from the stones help to relax the muscles, so I am able to work out the knots, and the cold crystals (which I tend to work around the face and neck) are great for toning and refreshing the skin.

But this just scratches the surface of this treatment's benefits, as well as being a general rule only. No treatment fits all, and I will tailor the treatment to suit each individuals needs. To really see a full list of benefits of this treatment and all other Holistic Therapies I offer you can visit

Now on top of this, on my holiday to Center Parcs last year, I was introduced to a gorgeous muscle warming Arnica gel with Ginger and Sweet Orange. This was while I was in the meditation room at Aqua Sana, and I was amazed with the warming effects I felt from it.

I have since purchased some and have added it as an alternative option to my already wide variety of essential oils available for massage. So there really is plenty of choice to tailor any massage.

My client this week, suffered with her back from sitting at her desk at work, and absolutely loved this gel and massage, she booked in straight away for her next treatment in 2 weeks time :)

So if you are in need of some TLC, and/or you would like to purchase a gift voucher for this Mothers Day then get in contact.

I am happy to deliver gift vouchers to the local area and they are also available to purchase online here.

Happy March!

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