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Hair Free for Summer

Isn’t that just a wonderful idea? Who doesn’t love that feeling of clean smooth skin!?

As you may well know from my service menu or previous blogs, I offer a treatment called Electrolysis for Permanent Hair Removal.

Now, I have previously dived into the the Advanced Electrolysis side, but today I wanted to talk more about Permanent Hair Removal.

I have been doing a higher volume this winter, and due to its popularity I wanted to give you a further insight into the procedure and the different needles used along with their benefits.

Now Electrolysis Hair Removal is often carried out to the smaller areas of the body, (not that it can’t treat larger areas) it’s just that the process would take a while to complete, as unlike Hair Removal by Laser you would insert a needle into each follicle to kill the hair at the root.

Electrolysis is the only Permanent Hair Removal procedure which is approved by the FDA and it can also remove grey hairs.

Electrolysis needles come in 3 different types of material, as well types, one-piece and two-piece.

I prefer to use two-piece, as it is more flexible and therefore easier to make perfect insertions.

They also come in a range of sizes from 2-6, with 10 for advanced work.

Stainless Steel - The needle that changed electrolysis, and is manufactured from medical grade stainless steel. This is generally the most common option.

Insulated - This can be used for thermolysis technique, as the current flows to the lower follicle and papilla only. Beneficial for clients with sensitive skin and pigmentation.

Gold - Suitable for clients with nickel allergies. Gold is a good conductor which may enable the current to be reduced. Ideal for Afro Caribbean and Asian skin, as well as sensitive skin and those with lower pain thresholds.

Now, I mainly carry out the procedure for around an hour each time, as generally there are a number of hairs to be removed, but I work at quite a fast pace.

It may take more than one session to complete an area. Once an area is completed then you need to wait 4 weeks before you come back, to complete the growth cycle and then treat the area again.

Obviously the aim is to kill the hair the first time, although this may not always be possible, but after the 4 weeks, we will see the ones that come back, and we go again.

After the end of every session I use aloe vera, or witch hazel to soothe the area. It is recommended that you have some at home to continue to treat for a couple of days after.

Before a session begins you would first need to come in for a FREE consultation and patch test, to see if you are suitable and what settings are require as well as check for any possible reactions.

For more info or to book please DM me.

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