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Healthy Hibernation

Who else is in Hibernation mode?

Me since Oct.

Btw love this pic, though I’m not getting to enjoy this level of relaxation.

Not only do I have a high energy toddler to look after, but I'm also frantically ticking work and life admin off my list before Xmas.

The latest being my Wholistic Health Coaching Course; learning and understanding nutritional needs.

…and just wanted to give u a lowdown on what I’ve learnt so far, as well as provide you with some really insightful videos to listen to.

So firstly, I will explain how to work out supplementary requirements for various conditions in the body.

As a general rule, the body requires 90 essential nutrients to function well, and additional supplementation for problems areas.

Do you want to lose weight?

improve skin?

reduce pain?

improve your oral health?

balance your hormones?

increase energy?

improve your immune system?

look and feel younger?

To find these problems, the body is broken down into 4 sections and a series of questions are asked on various health problems you could be experiencing.

1- Hard Tissue - skeleton, joints, connective tissue, ligaments, collagen, fingernails, teeth

Main Deficiency - Calcium and magnesium


2- Soft Tissue - brain, heart, organs, skin, eyes, cells

Main Deficiency EFA’s & Selenium


3- Blood Sugar - not saying the “d” word but it’s an epidemic due to eating too many carbs and sugar and causes the body to produce insulin.

Main Deficiency- Chromium and vanadium (as well as reducing carbs and sugar)


4 - Digestion - You are what you eat, always treat the gut first as it effects the health of the whole body including the brain. 70% of your immune system is your digestive system, 80% serotonin is producers in your gut not your brain, (which is interesting when you think about the amount of people on anti depressants, which increase serotonin)

Main deficiency - Probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes (not enough good food and too much bad food. Eating gluten is a killer, Villi get all glued together. Sugar feeds bad and kills good bacteria and antibiotics kills the lot)


Next these 4 different sections of the body (hard tissue, soft tissue, blood sugar and digestion) are broken down into 3 tiers.

These tiers discuss what supplements are available to help, where there are problems, giving 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices, or build ups.

As everyone is different, you may prefer to take tablets or get on better with powders, adding them to yogurts, drinks, dressings etc.

Also you may be so malnourished that you need to introduce supplements to the body slowly.

As well as being different shapes and sizes, what is needed for someone around 130 pounds will be different to 200.

No one size fits all!

You may really need to make changes to lifestyle, food, stress levels, sleep, exercise etc. and be willing to give up the things that made you sick - change is necessary!

Although this all may seem obvious, it’s surprising what usually goes amiss, and some people just want some direction.

So if you are interested in learning a little bit more about your health, then get in contact and I can send out a health questionnaire for you for free, as well as send you some insightful videos.

And enjoy your cozy time.

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