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Shape up your Spring

Happy April everyone, hope you’re having a lovely Easter and your getting set for the good weather to come.

As we look forward to getting out more and enjoying holidays, this month I wanted to share with you information on how you can improve your energy, health and general well-being.

One of my many interests in the health field, is in nutrition, and am currently studying to become an Wholistic Health Coach.

I'm finding this course really insightful and I have picked up a wealth of knowledge and wanted to share with you some information I’ve learnt from Ben Fuchs.

He's a registered Pharmacist, Nutritionist and Skin Care Chemist who for the past 35 years has been developing pharmacy-potent skin / health care products for estheticians, dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

He started off his career in a pharmacy handing out prescription drugs to patients, but whilst doing this he would also take the time to suggest some supplements that he knew would also help with their problem, so to not suppress the symptom but give the body what it needed to repair.

This was the beginnings of him moving over to his own pharmacy, moved away from prescription drugs, and offering advice and supplements to help heal.

He discusses 2 very simple methods in which to explain the complexities of disease and health, moving away from disease (fragmentation) and over to health (wholeness)

These are the Triangle of Disease of disease and the Square of Health.

I will illustrated these below


(1) Digestion - without the gut being healthy your body won’t be absorbing all the nutrients it needs, so it’s important to heal it and give the gut what it needs to thrive. Good food and nutrients and a functioning microbiome.

(2) Blood Sugar - All leading causes of death are to do with blood sugar. You don’t have to be a diabetic to have blood sugar problems. The more problem foods you eat the more it leads to inflammation which develop into liver conditions or brain disease etc

(3) Stress hormones - The adrenal thyroid complex will pick up all the slack from all these problems and it affects the thyroid which goes back to the digestion again and it’s a continuous circle.

He also mentions that when there are problems, the blood can go sticky (bad blood) and can be filled with many nasties, such as fibre strands, pus and particles of food.

How are things getting into the blood? Potentially vaccines can do it and also food from a leaky gut.

To improve the triangle of disease you need to improve your diet, patch up your gut and clean up the blood by chelating magnetically.



(1) Oxygenate - the first point of health is to breathe correctly, this allows the adrenals to slow down, improving the thyroid, which in turn improves digestion which will help you eat healthier. It is so good for mental health. You could check your blood pressure before and after sitting in a bath tub to relax and see the difference

(2) Movement - the more tired you are the more you need to move. Movement enables an electrical spark in the body. It’s not only important to move the blood but also the lymphatic system which helps the body remove waste. You can do this by walking, exercising, massage and bouncing on a rebounder.

(3) Restoration - as a culture we don’t like to sit still as we lead busy lives, or are trying to ignore our feelings. It’s important to rest the body to allow you body to rejuvenate and create. Meditation is a great way to do this. There are plenty of guided meditations available on you tube if you need a bit of inspiration. You could also go as far as doing some journaling, to capture ideas or release any negative emotions that are going on in you subconscious.

(4) Nutrition - The body needs 2 types, macro and micro. Macros are your proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibre and water, but it doesn’t work efficiently unless it also has micro nutrients, which are your vitamins, minerals and EFA’s (essential fatty acids)

Now the soil is not how it used to be, and is lacking nutrients caused by changes in farming practicing, which has had an impact on the fruit and vegetables we consume, so it is important to supplement the body to get these nutrients. This is where Youngeveity come in.

I am working with a supplement company that offer a high quality source of nutrients as well as an extensive range of products.

Whatever the issues you face and your lifestyle we have something that will benefit.

For gut health alone, we have a range of products from i26, ultimate microbiome, daily digest, ultimate enzymes and more

Not to mention products for cleaning the blood, as well as getting you 90 essential nutrients.

We even offer a free health questionnaire so you can see what it is your body needs, for

whatever stage you’re at.

Feel free to browse the products, contact me if you have any questions and/or complete the free health questionnaire just below.

So here's to Shaping up your Spring! And Happy April Everyone!

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