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Massage Therapy Clinic - Sun, Ear Candles, Reiki & Healy

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

It’s been a while since I’ve given you a write up from the salon as I’ve been a busy bee!

Having a bit of a break after my treatment and am writing this in “the shire” cafe with my Healy on … thought I’d try it out and food looks yum btw!

So my first treatment of the day was Ear Candles, and the client also decided to have a bit of Reiki, in addition, as I noticed that one side of her head was more blocked as the candle was burning very fast. She confirmed this was the side where her headaches were, so suggested that I could focus reiki energy there to release the blockage also.

The origins of Hopi Ear Candles came from the Hopi Indian Tribe, who were renowned for their knowledge and therapeutic techniques. There is also history of Egyptians, Mayans and Aztecs using this technique for spiritual cleansing and purifying.

This deeply soothing treatment involves a lit hollow candle being inserted into the ear, which causes heat and vibration to the inner ear. The sounds and frequency is best described like a gentle inner massage, moving along the ear canal and bouncing off the eardrum. This process loosens compacted earwax so that it will drain away naturally through the lymphatic system.

It improves conditions involving the head, neck and throat such as:

· Migraines & Headaches · Stress · Sinusitis · Tinnitus · Vertigo · Snoring · Pressure · Colds · Earache · Hay Fever · Menieres Disease · Swimmers Ear

A massage to the head, face, neck and ears is carried after to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

After her session she said she felt very relaxed and could feel her body twitching where the reiki energy was being focused. I worked around her head, down through her arms out through her hands and then out through her legs and feet. Afterwards I re-energised her auric field.

She will be following up with another treatment in a month.

A happy customer.

If you would like to book an Ear Candles session with or without Reiki and/or Healy or find out more about holistic services I offer at massage therapy clinic or reflexologist Gloucester then please DM me.

And….Enjoy the sunshine

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