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Treat those Feet

So July was a wash out :(... But there could be hope for August from next Wednesday according to my weather app! :)

Keeping fingers (and toes) crossed that we can get ready to pop on our bathers. As well as walk bare foot, or dance around in our sandals and heels for the rest of the Summer!

And we want our feet to be at their best!

Whether it’s feeling good, or looking good, I have a treatment for your feet, that will release any pain and tension, and put a smile on your face.

GD Vibes offers a pedicure which focuses on rejuvenating the soles and nails of the feet.

This includes removing the corns / calluses with a tiny, but mighty circular sander, so there is no worry of being left overly sensitive with a blade.

And on top of that, all the best Tropic Skincare Products will be used to pamper them. This includes Body Smooth Refreshing Polish, and Body Love Firming Buttercream, or Repairing Foot Remedy. As well as Organic Nail Nectar.

Now if that wasn’t enough there is also the option to have this treatment included as part of your reflexology treatment for ONLY an extra £10. So that would be JUST £45 for reflexology with pedi!

Now Reflexology in itself not only gives your feet, but your whole body a tune up. The feet are literally a map of the entire body and by working through the various points encourages healing.

To find out more about this wonderful treatment and its benefits click the button below:-

And on top of this, there are also MORE add on treatments you can have on top for ONLY £10!!

Click on the headed links below for more info!!

High Frequency - alleviate inflammation and sore feet by using this device, designed by Nikola Tesla, which showers your feet in a violet ray within a glass electrode and has anti bacterial properties.

Healy - complement you body’s frequency with this state of the art microcurrent machine designed in Germany. You have a variety of programs to choose from for any of your rejuvenating needs.

Reiki - put your body into a mediative state with this laying of hands healing technique, which uses universal chi energy to balance out out your chakras.

So if you want to indulge your feet and restore your inner harmony contact Vikki on 07538 421549 to book :)

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