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Waxing gives you GD Vibes

Is official! We have finally moved over to new waxing brands.

I have taken my time to research and refresh our current system, with the best products and decided on both Wax:One and PHD Safe Wax.

Now what’s the benefits?

Wax:One - offers luxurious soft and hard wax, which is particularly flexible in its use and (although as I like to say “it’s not licked off by kittens” ;) it makes it the most pain free hair removal system on the market. 

This wax not only has a super thin consistency, but also a low working temperature which makes it great for sensitive skin and delicate areas

And this is so important as we want to make your session as comfortable as possible.

PHD Safe Wax - offers the safest roll-on wax experience in the world. its patented and unique application system eliminates the chance of infection and cross contamination.

As we also want to offer you the safest wax experience possible and with both of these systems the no double dipping rule applies.

So the PHD Safe wax will be used for larger areas of the body such as legs, arms, back and chest and a combination of Wax:One warm and hot wax will be used for facial, underarm, intimate and all other areas.

In addition to my previous wax training, I have also completed and passed a waxing certification in PHD Safe wax, so with that, and my 13 years waxing experience, I can ensure you’re in safe hands.

And I have decided although there will be a slight increase in my eyebrow and tinting prices, all other waxing costs will remain the same, which is extremely competitive.

To check out my list of waxing available please visit

Please contact Vikki on 07538 421549 for more info or to make a booking.

Now we love an unbox, but let's skip to the good bit :D…

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